Could a Snap-On Smile® be Your Cosmetic Solution?

We are all looking for ways to improve our smiles! Yet, when you begin to learn the various cosmetic procedures, you might quickly change your mind! After all, is it really worth it to undergo complex or painful cosmetic procedures just to improve the look of your smile?

For some patients, it absolutely is worth the trouble and discomfort, but others aren’t so sure. For those patients, we recommend finding a cosmetic solution that will complete change the look of your smile without causing any discomfort!

Sound impossible? It used to be, but with the Snap-On Smile® solution, we can give you the exact smile of your dreams! Let’s spend some time today learning about this process!

Wanting Your Dream Smile?

How long have you been wanting your dream smile? Years? Decades? You don’t have to avoid dental procedures any longer! Your dream smile is just a few weeks away with the help of us here at Santa Fe Dental.

A Cosmetic Solution Without Discomfort

One of the biggest things that keeps a patient from making the decision for cosmetic work is the risk of discomfort. The Snap-On Smile® solution allows you to avoid those discomforts and still get the cosmetic work you’re yearning for!

No Pain – There is no pain in a Snap-On Smile® solution. We’ll begin by taking impressions of your teeth, and then you just get to make decisions on the color of teeth you would like!

No Alterations to Your Teeth – Traditional cosmetic procedures often mean doing alterations to your otherwise healthy natural teeth, but Snap-On Smile® doesn’t require any damage to your healthy teeth!

No Permanence – You might fear the day that you would regret having permanent cosmetic work done to your teeth. With Snap-On Smile®, there are no permanent effects!

Snap-On Smile® Solution

Getting the smile of your dreams has never been quite so easy! By eliminating all of the negative aspects of traditional cosmetic work, Snap-On Smile® makes a fantastic smile available to anyone and everyone who desires it! Patients love Snap-On Smile® because it provides the following benefits:

Easy to Wear – The Snap-On Smile® solution is very easy to wear! You simply snap the false teeth in place over your natural teeth, and no one is the wiser! The material used for Snap-On Smile® is very natural-looking, which also helps in a discreet solution.

Reversible – Patients love Snap-On Smile® because it allows them to be flexible! If you want to look your best, you simply snap your smile into place! If you are wanting a break from your new smile, you can take one!

Cost-Effective – Maybe one of the greatest benefits of the Snap-On Smile® solution is the cost. You can transform your entire smile for less than money than a traditional cosmetic solution and not have to put up with any of the traditional discomforts!

Learn More Today!

Are you ready to learn more about your cosmetic possibilities? Contact our Edmond, OK office today to set up a consultation appointment where you can discuss your options with our fantastic staff. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!