E4D Saves Your Tooth in No Time

The one thing we know about our patients is that time is a precious thing! We have patients running all over the place with jobs, children, organizations, and friends, and we understand how difficult it is to squeeze unexpected appointments into that mix. When you need a dental crown, you don’t have time to come in two or three times to be fitted and prepared and finally receive your crown. That’s why we love what E4D can do for our office!

A dental crown is needed when your natural crown can no longer function as a tooth. Generally it is cracked or broken due to injury or decay. Sometimes we see large, old fillings weaken a tooth to the point that it needs to be replaced. In a traditional office, you would have your tooth prepared, have impressions taken, send the impressions to the lab while you live with a temporary crown for a few weeks. Then you will hope and pray that the permanent crown fits because if it doesn’t, you’re in for another 3-6 weeks of waiting. We wanted something better for our patients.

The E4D Difference

E4D is an advance in dental technology that allow us to mill a dental crown right here in the office. The entire system allows us to complete a crown procedure in one appointment! E4D takes images of your mouth, which enables it to create the perfect restorative piece. We’ll prepare your tooth while the machine carves the perfect crown. As soon as it’s ready to go, we will permanently bond it in place. If, by chance, it doesn’t fit, we can take care of that before you step foot out of our office!

Don’t waste time waiting for a dental crown ever again! At Santa Fe Dental, we can change the way you think about waiting in the dental office. Contact us today to set up your next dental cleaning and exam. Let us know about your experiences with dental crowns, and we’ll let you know what you can expect in our office!