Easing Bruxism Symptoms

It’s pretty common for us to fall into habits that aren’t the best for our bodies, but we generally make the choice to begin those habits. Sometimes, though, our bodies develop habits that we aren’t conscious of. Grinding teeth, for example, is an action that most often takes place while you are sleeping. The habit is called bruxism, and it can cause a lot of damage to your teeth if left untreated.

As you can guess, your teeth grinding and clenching against your other teeth will cause damage. Over time, your teeth will wear down to nubs. Often your teeth won’t make it to this point because they will break from the constant pressure and friction. Since you probably aren’t aware of what is happening while you are grinding your teeth, you need to look for other signs, like waking up with a headache, damaged teeth, and soreness of your jaw.

Treating Bruxism At Home

Before we try anything serious, we will ask you to try some home remedies for bruxism. Because grinding your teeth is often associated with anxiety or stress, we ask that you cut back on caffeine, try relaxation methods before bed, and try relaxing your mouth throughout the day to retrain your muscles. You can also use a warm compress on your jaw before bed to relax the muscles. We also offer oral appliances to protect your teeth from harm that you can wear until you get the bruxism under control.

If you suspect that you could be grinding your teeth while you are sleeping, we recommend setting up an appointment very soon. We can generally confirm your suspicions just by looking at your teeth. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Let us know what you suspect, and we’ll bring you in to check things out!