Snap-On Smile FAQs

Q: What is Snap-on Smile?
A: Snap-On Smile is a removable dental appliance that “snaps” over your teeth and improves their appearance. You can literally pop it on and off. The appliance looks like a porcelain mouth guard that hides your natural teeth completely. Snap-on Smile covers stains, chips, cracks, gaps and other imperfections. It also creates a more uniform smile.

Q: What are the advantages of Snap-On Smile over Veneers?
A: Veneer application is an irreversible procedure that involves cutting down the enamel and cementing a porcelain laminate over the surface. Snap-on Smile is non-invasive and completely reversible. No enamel pruning, shots, or anesthesia is involved, and you can remove it any time! Snap-on Smile is also more affordable than veneers.

Q: What is the material used for Snap-On Smile?
A: Snap-On Smile is made from thin but very strong dental resin. The resin snaps over your teeth but does not cover the tongue or palate. You don’t need a special adhesive to keep the appliance in place. Snap-On Smile is custom designed for each patient, so it fits perfectly and comfortably over your teeth. You can even eat and drink while wearing it.

Q: Is Snap-On Smile Right for Me?
A: Snap-On Smile is recommended as a short-term or long-term cosmetic dental solution. It’s completely safe because it doesn’t alter your natural teeth at all. It can even be life-changing for patients who are not good candidates for other cosmetic procedures. Many people get Snap-On Smiles before a special event. It is the perfect, reversible procedure if you want a quick and affordable alternative to veneers, teeth whitening, and braces. However, Snap-On Smile is not intended to replace stable teeth replacement solutions like implant-supported teeth.

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