Correct Cavities Without Amalgam

About 80% of Americans will have a cavity filled by the time they reach 17 years of age. For most of us, that means we have what looks like shrapnel over teeth in the rear of our mouth. Amalgam fillings are commonly used in dental offices all over the country, but we have found a better way to fill cavities without the damage associated with amalgam fillings. We use composite resin fillings more commonly known as white fillings.

Amalgam has been the filling material of choice for years. The mixture of metals and mercury is cheap, strong, and long-lasting. However, we have since found out that the mercury can leak out of the fillings, it weakens your teeth, and it looks dreadful when you laugh! Some dentists will still place amalgam fillings, but the numbers are getting smaller and smaller as composite fillings become the norm.

How Does a Composite Filling Work?

Composite resin is a different material altogether. It is pliable, and we can make it match any shade we would like, which means we can give you a perfectly camouflaged filling! We don’t have to remove as much tooth enamel, and the resin is a bonding material, so your tooth will be fortified instead of weakened. Composite resin is free of metals and common allergy-causing materials that might cause a patient to have a reaction, which means you will be completely comfortable with your filling!

Getting a cavity filled doesn’t have to be something you worry about in a few years. With a composite resin filling, you will have a long-lasting filling that looks great, feels great, and is completely comfortable. Contact us today to set up a dental exam. If you end up needing a filling, we have just the thing for you!