The Real Reasons You'll Love a Dental Implant

When it comes time to replace an adult tooth with a dental restoration, you’ll want to make sure you do things right! All too often we see patients who end up needing replacements or repairs for their dental restorations! We highly recommend that you skip all the worry and invest in a dental implant right from the beginning. This restoration is permanent, and you’ll love it for more reasons that one!

You Can Forget It
A dental implant feels so natural that you will forget it is there! During the first 3-6 months that you have the implant, your bone will fuse with the implant, creating a permanent bond that feels like your natural tooth never left!

No One Will Notice
There’s nothing worse that feeling self-conscious about dental work! A dental implant won’t catch anyone’s eye because it looks completely natural. We place a beautiful dental crown on top of the implant, leaving you with a restoration that is your little secret.

Eating Won’t Be Hindered
Some restorations limit the types of food you can enjoy eating. A dental implant will not! This restoration functions just like your natural tooth, so you can chow down on whatever you choose without worrying about your appliance breaking!

Dental implants are one of our favorite things to do in the office because we know that the results are fantastic. We love the freedom our patients have, and we know they will be happy with the implant for a very, very long time! Contact us today to set up an appointment for an exam. Let us know what questions you have about dental implants!