Dry Mouth Solutions

Dry mouth is a very serious condition because saliva is necessary to protect your teeth from harmful bacteria. Not only does the saliva wash bacteria and food particles from your mouth, but it also has properties that allow it to battle and kill bacteria. You can see how dry mouth conditions would increase your risks for decay as well as gum disease! Take a look at a few things below that will increase your saliva production so that you avoid dry mouth symptoms.

Keep Water at Hand – In order for your mouth to produce enough saliva, you need plenty of hydration. Keep water by your side to sip throughout the day. Soda and other beverages do not hydrate your body like pure, fresh water.

Humidify Your Sleeping Air – A great way to hydrate your mouth while you are sleeping is to sleep with a cool mist humidifier. The moist air will increase your ability to produce saliva while you sleep and cannot drink water.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum – The act of chewing produces saliva in your mouth. You can create this effect without snacking all day. Simply chew sugar-free gum when your mouth starts to get sticky, and enjoy the great taste!

Check With the Doc – In many cases, dry mouth symptoms are caused by prescription medications. If that’s the case, have a conversation with your doctor about switching your prescriptions to ease the dry mouth symptoms.

See Us Soon – If none of the above seem to take care of your dry mouth symptoms, it is time to schedule an appointment. Something much more serious could have happening, and we need to take a look.

Dry mouth symptoms need to be squashed as quickly as possible before more serious problems happen as an effect. Contact us today to set up an appointment. Bring your questions to us here in the office. We can’t wait to meet with you to discuss how we can help you have a happier, healthier mouth!