A Few Reasons to Choose White Fillings

Fillings are very commonplace. In fact, about 80% of Americans have at least one filling by the time they graduate from high school. Most of us have more than one filling by that point! The chances are pretty great that at least one of your current fillings is amalgam. You’ll know because that filling is dark gray and stands out against the rest of your white teeth. Here at Santa Fe Dental, we use beautiful composite resin fillings to achieve the same restorative power. Take a look at a few reasons to love composite fillings.

Look Great – A composite filling definitely has the advantage when it comes to aesthetics. A composite filling can be made to match any shade of teeth, so you’ll know that your filling will always match the rest of your smile. No one will know it’s there!

Free of Mercury – For patients concerned about the mercury in amalgam fillings, you can rest easy knowing that composite fillings are free of mercury and other harmful materials.

Won’t Weaken Your Teeth – Over time, amalgam fillings weaken teeth. Composite resin is actually a bonding material that will help your teeth maintain strength over time.

Composite fillings are a fantastic way for you to restore your tooth without having to deal with ugly amalgam material. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a routine cleaning and exam. Not only will we check your teeth for cavities, but we can also check your existing fillings for wear and tear. We hope to see you soon!