Three Reasons to Maintain Routine Care

We practice routine care in many different areas of our lives. We take our cars in for oil changes and tire rotation, we take our pets in every year for a checkup and vaccinations, we change the filter on our HVAC systems, etc. Are you practicing the same methods of regular maintenance for your smile? Coming to the dentist every six months gives you many advantages. Take a look below at how a routine visit can benefit you.

1. Treatments are Smaller and More Comfortable
When you come into the dental office regularly, we will find problems sooner. Let’s use a cavity as an example. If you don’t come into the office until you are in pain, that cavity will require much more extensive treatment. We may even need to use root canal and crown to repair it. A cavity caught early doesn’t even require numbing because it is so small that we can repair it with ease and comfort.

2. Less Risk of a Big Dental Bill
Routine care every six months is much less expensive than major work once every several years. With routine care, you probably won’t need major work, unless there is an accident or injury of some sort.

3. A Confident Smile
Above all, when you are coming into the office for routine dental care, you will have a much more confident smile. You will know that your teeth are clean and healthy, and that makes smiling much easier!

Routine care is an important part of every healthy thing. A healthy person is healthy because they take routine care of their body. The same goes for the smile. Contact us today to set up an appointment where we can help you set up great routine habits! We can’t wait to hear from you soon!