Get Your Family Excited to Drink More Water

As the one making major health decisions for your family, you probably worry all the time about what your little ones are putting into their bodies! You try to encourage fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food options, but it’s easier said than done. Drinks can become especially difficult for parents because the healthy options are often not the most exciting! We are here with a few tips to help you make water the most exciting thing in the fridge.

Unfortunately, the beverages advertised to families as the “healthy” option are not really all that healthy. They are better than soda, but still contain a lot of sugar! Juices and sports drinks are ok for an occasional treat, but should not make up your family’s primary beverage choices. Teach your family to reach for the water throughout the day, and to drink milk with meals.

Making Water More Attractive

Kids love juice and sports drinks because of the fun flavor and colors. You can do the same thing with your water without adding sugar! Fruit is a great way to boost flavor and appearance of common water. Try freezing fruit or adding it freshly sliced to your water pitcher. You could also try making specially shaped ice cubes or using special glasses to make drinking water more fun. Once you get your family hooked, it will be easier to make water the beverage of choice throughout the day!

Sometimes getting your family to make healthier choices is just a matter of making creative choices in the way you serve healthy foods and drinks. Contact us for more ideas about how your family’s food and drink can be used to benefit oral health. We’d love to hear from you and see your family’s health improve!