Is A Root Canal Really That Scary?

Being afraid of something new is a perfectly normal response, but avoiding something you’ve never experienced out of fear is taking things a little bit too far. Sometimes we fear something that shouldn’t be feared, like fearing a cavity filling until you actually have to have one. One of the most feared dental procedures is a root canal, but people who have experienced one will tell you that the pain they felt before the procedure was much worse than anything they experienced while in the chair!

What Causes a Root Canal
A root canal is needed when the dental pulp on the inside of the tooth becomes infected. This happens when bacteria is able to work it’s way deep in the tooth from an untreated cavity, crack, or leaking filling. The infection pushes down on the nerve of your tooth creating extreme pain and pressure. Many patients complain that they cannot sleep or work until it is taken care of.

What Does a Root Canal Do?
The purpose of a root canal is very similar to that of a cavity and filling. We must remove the bad and fill it with something to protect your tooth. In the case of a root canal, we will remove the infected pulp and clean the inner dentin tubes of the tooth. We then place a special material inside your tooth and cover it with a dental crown to protect your tooth from the risk of further infection.

You might be fearing a root canal, even though you have no experience with one. Our patients can tell you that a root canal is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. We hope you never need one, but if you do, you’ll know where to come. Contact us to set up your next cleaning and exam, because that’s the best way to protect yourself from more serious dental work. We’d love to see you soon!