How 3D Technology Improves Dental Care

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At Santa Fe Dental, we use the latest technology at our dental office in Edmond, OK to provide our patients with the outstanding care they need to enjoy a healthy, great looking for a lifetime.

One of the tools we use to help improve patient care is the Gallileos 3D cone beam digital scanner from Sirona. This remarkable technology provides our dentists with an extraordinary amount of information they can then use to better diagnosis patients for a variety of oral health problems.

Unless you work with this type of equipment firsthand, it can be difficult to fully understand how digital scanners can improve the level of dental care patients receive.

After all, medical technology continues to progress at such a remarkable rate, and keeping up-to-date can prove challenging for patients who live busy lives.

Let’s take a look at how digital 3D dental technology can help to improve your dental care.

What is 3D Dental Technology?

When treating patients, 3D dental technology provides dentists with far more information than what they once received using film X-rays of the past.

Think of the difference like using a microscope instead of a magnifying glass. While both can provide you with a clearer picture of what you’re looking at, the microscope can delve far deeper into a particular subject.

With cone technology, dentists can basically map out a patient’s mouth into a fully rendered 3D image.

How is that beneficial? Well, it offers several advantages for the dentists at our dental office in Edmond, OK.

First, 3D technology is far more efficient to use. Instead of requiring a patient to sit still while X-rays are taken and then developed, beam technology can fully map out a patient’s mouth in no time.

Second, the technology offers far more precision. Not only do 3D images show the shape and health of a patient’s teeth, but it also shows how the teeth align with each other and where they sit in relation to their neighbors.

Finally, using the 3D models created with a digital scan, our dentists can map out a more comprehensive oral health plan to better meet a patient’s needs. When it comes to the placement of a dental crown, bridge, or implant, this increased level of detail can go a long way towards ensuring a successful treatment.

For example, digital technology allows our dentists to focus on one specific area of a patient’s mouth they’d like to examine, even if that area is as small a single tooth root. That kind of incredible detail can make all the difference when planning out patient care.

When is Digital Technology Typically Used?

At our dental office in Edmond, OK, we use the Gallileos 3D cone beam digital scanner for a variety of procedures that include:

  • Cosmetic/Restoration. Cone beam technology helps to better prepare a patient for oral surgery or reconstructive therapy by giving the dentist a better ability to effectively plan complex treatments. These treatments can include bone grafts, root canals, and even the placement of inlays and onlays.
  • Orthodontic. 3D technology creates images dentists can use to diagnose orthodontic problems and plan patient treatment.
  • Implants. Allows dentists to gain a better understanding of a patient’s oral health so they can find the optimal placement for an implant.

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