What Every Patient Needs to Know About Wearing Dentures

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You don’t become the best dentist in Edmond, OK without being able to help restore a patient’s smile back to health. For patients that have lost multiple teeth, dentures offer an affordable and lasting solution for repairing the long-term oral health of their smiles.

While you might think that dentures look unnatural or phony, dentures today have come a long way, and now look just as realistic as your natural teeth. Not only do modern dentures look better than ever, they also fit more comfortably and are easier to wear.

Our team at Santa Fe Dental know that patients have a lot of questions about getting dentures, and we wouldn’t be your choice for the best dentist in Edmond, OK if we didn’t answer them. So here’s what you need to know about getting dentures.

What are dentures?

Let’s start with the basics and clear up any misconception about what separates dentures from other replacement tooth options.

Dentures sit inside the mouth and act as a replacement for missing teeth. Unlike a dental implant and attaching crown, dentures can and need to be removed for cleaning.

When a patient has some natural teeth remaining, partial dentures can work to bridge the gap between teeth. When a patient has as no remaining teeth, a full set of dentures acts as a replacement so you can enjoy a smile that dazzles.

Why should I consider dentures?

Patients select dentures when they want to find a lasting solution for replacing missing teeth. As they grow older, many patients may start to lose permanent teeth due to the effects of gum disease, cavities, and even injury.

Missing teeth can cause a variety of oral health problems. Not only does missing teeth make it harder to eat, drink, speak, and smile, the loss of permanent teeth can cause a cascade of other problems to develop.

When a smile misses a few teeth, the gap that’s created can cause the neighboring teeth to shift to fill the space. This leads to teeth becoming crooked, which can then lead to the development of a misaligned bite that makes chewing uncomfortable.

As teeth shift, the underlying bone structure that holds them into place also begins to deteriorate. This deterioration increases the risk of further tooth loss. So, not only do dentures help to plug an existing gap in a smile, they can also help to prevent further tooth loss.

How do I get dentures?

Getting dentures starts by making an appointment to see the best dentist in Edmond, OK at Santa Fe Dental.

During your dentures consultation, our team will examine the current state of your oral health and make recommendations on the type of dentures best suited to meet your individual needs.

Once the type of denture you’ll receive has been decided upon, our team will take an impression of your mouth. This impression will be used in the creation of your custom dentures.

The placement of dentures can begin immediately for patients with no remaining natural teeth. For patients with teeth, our team may need to remove some of their teeth to make room for the placement of dentures. Don’t worry, we will always discuss the tooth removal process and whether it’s actually necessary with you before starting the procedure.

After the mouth has been prepared and your dentures custom crafted, our team will provide your new replacement teeth with instructions on how to properly care and wear them.

What should I expect after getting dentures?

It can take some time getting used to wearing dentures. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo the process alone. Our team at Santa Fe Dental will provide you with tips on how to best acclimate to wearing dentures. We will also provide you with recommendations on which foods to initially avoid and what types eat while breaking your dentures in.

Once your dentures have been adjusted and properly fitted, you’ll soon forget your wearing dentures at all.