How a Great Dental Office Changes Everything

Looking for a great dentist office in Edmond, Oklahoma? Santa Fe Dental is the right place for you. What makes Santa Fe Dental so great? It begins with the way we use technology in the dentist office.

We aren’t the kind of office that shows off our technology without any plan to use it. We are, day in and day out, using dental technology to benefit our patients. You can join our satisfied patients by checking us out! Let’s take a look at how technology, paired with a great staff, results in a wonderful dental experience for you!

Technology in the Dentist Office

Technology is increasingly important in every facet of life, so it should come as no surprise that we are working to make sure our dental office is ready to give you the best care possible thanks to the availability of some of the most advanced technology on the market. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Digital X-rays
Every patient will receive X-rays at least once each year. You know all about X-rays. You’ve probably had one before, so you know all about the lead apron and the fact that X-rays contain a lot of radiation. That’s a scary thought in a world where cancer seems to be taking over everything.

Here at Santa Fe Dental, you don’t have to worry about that exposure because we use digital X-rays. Digital X-rays use 10% of the radiation of traditional X-rays. 10%! That’s a huge benefit to you and your health, especially since you need those images once a year to track the progress of your smile. Just imagine how relieved you’ll feel to see your KIDS get X-rays, knowing that the radiation is cut so drastically.

There are some pieces of technology that just cannot be replaced. E4D is one of them. Here’s the bottom line, if you need a crown put in, you need a crown put in. Waiting 3-6 weeks for a new crown to be made in some lab across town only puts you at risk for infection and a possible root canal.

E4D changes that scenario completely. When you step into our office for a crown, you will get it that very day. E4D is a milling machine that can create the perfect crown for your tooth in a matter of minutes. While you sit back and enjoy a chapter from your favorite book, your crown is created and ready to place! This kind of service is exactly why technology is so important to our patients!

Let’s take a moment to talk about the advances in sedation. It wasn’t too long ago that a patient would just have to take the discomfort of sitting for hours with their mouths open. That or they would have to split procedures into little pieces so that they could stand it!

Sedation takes away ALL of that stress and anxiety. Whether you are in need of extensive work or the dentist office just freaks you out completely, sedation is now available for you. We offer oral sedation, which is a prescription pill you can take before you come into the office. The medication relaxed your mind and body, allowing us to complete your work while you rest comfortably!

Technology is Nothing Without a Great Staff

We have the technology that makes going to the dentist a walk in the park. We offer great services and opportunities for you, but none of that matters without a fantastic staff. Luckily, we have that, too!

It doesn’t matter what kind of tech we can offer if we can’t also offer a comforting face, a warm smile, and a judgment free zone. Thankfully, we can offer you cake and let you eat it, too because we have one of the best staffs Oklahoma has ever seen!

Is it time for you to take the next step towards a healthier smile? We think so! Consider how great technology can change your next dentist appointment, then contact us to set it up! We can’t wait to sit down with you very soon to discuss your options!