Your Dental Implant Guide

Ever since the beginning of time, we have been in need of a way to replace missing teeth. Over the centuries, dentists have tried a variety of materials and procedures to try to give patients the most natural result. In 1965, we hit the jackpot, but no one really knew how powerful the results would be until the past decade or two.

The dental implant, as we think of it today, was first placed in the mid 1960s, but the popularity and commonality of dental implants has just recently taken shape. Dentists are finally realizing what this powerful procedure can do and are being trained to use them more often. Even so, most dentists are unable to actually PLACE dental implants in their office.

If you are looking for a dental implant solution in Edmond, OK, we have it for you! We are one of the only dental offices in the Edmond area to place dental implants as well as restore dental implants, which means we’ll never send you to a separate office or specialist. We can take care of things here! So, let’s spend some time today talking about the benefits of dental implants so that you have a better understanding of this fantastic new procedure.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that is placed in your jawbone where your tooth root once stood. The implant itself is made of titanium, which is a very bio-friendly material. Your body will accept the titanium, and your bone will actually grow around the post and fuse with it, which creates a permanent bond for the implant restoration.

Once the implant is securely in place, we will attach a replacement tooth/teeth to the top. This is the only restoration on the market that can restore your tooth from tip to root!

When is a Dental Implant Used?

Now that you know what a dental implant is, you are probably wondering when exactly it can be used. There are many uses for dental implants, but we want to highlight to most common and beneficial so that should you ever be placed in one of these situations (or if you are currently in this situation), you will know exactly how an implant can help!

Single Tooth Restoration: A dental implant is most commonly used as a single tooth restoration. We use this when you have one tooth that has been extracted or lost. We can replace a tooth anywhere in your mouth because implants look and feel like natural teeth!

Multi-Tooth Restoration: We can also use dental implants to replace multiple teeth in your mouth. This is a great alternative to partial dentures and multiple bridges.

Support for Dentures: One of the most life-changing uses for a dental implant is as a support for dentures. Dentures on their own can be slippery and difficult to wear, but a dental implant holds the denture in place so that you can chew the foods you love and never have sore gums again!

Caring for a Dental Implant

Taking care of a dental implant is very important because without proper care, you could lose your dental implant just like you lost your natural tooth! The good news is that taking care of an implant isn’t very difficult to do!

Routine Dental Care: Your daily dental care routine of brushing and flossing your teeth will be the first line of defence between a healthy implant and a failed implant. When you floss, you should floss under your crown to remove bacteria from around the actual implant.

Dental Exams and Cleanings: Just as your at-home routines are important, so is your semi-annual appointment. When you come in, we will have a chance to give your implant a professional cleaning. We can make sure that all is healthy and give you tips for better care!

A Changed Life Begins with a Phone Call

Are you ready to end your life with gaps in your teeth, poorly-fitted restorations, or slippery dentures? Let a dental implant make the difference for your smile. Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment! We would love to help you have this lasting restoration for your smile!