Oral Sedation Helps You Get More Out of Each Appointment

Setting aside time in your busy life to come to the dentist is a big deal! Not only are you busy, but no one really wants to drop the things they love to do to come sit in our chair! What’s even worse is having to come in more than once to complete a procedure. With the assistance of sedation dentistry, we can remove some of that need to come into the office over and over. Sedation allows us to give you more at each appointment.

Before sedation dentistry, some procedures would take several appointments simply because the patient couldn’t sit through the entire thing. Even though you are numb, there’s only so much anxiety your body can handle before you finally say enough is enough, let’s start again in a few days! Someone with true fear of the dentist might sit through that first appointment, but never come back, leaving their tooth open to infection. Sedation changes all of that by simple helping you relax.

A Relaxed State is a Good State

When we are working in your mouth, it’s best that your body is completely relaxed. Not only does it help us concentrate on what we are doing, but it helps your body recover easier. When you aren’t fully aware of the situation, you are less likely to fight it. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t fight against someone doing extensive work in their mouth? With sedation, on the other hand, you allow us to work, and we can get your entire procedure finished from start to finish while you’re still completely relaxed in our chair!

There’s no need to break a major procedure into little pieces any longer. We can now take care of things in that one sitting. Contact us today to set up your next appointment. Let us know about your experiences with extensive dental appointments, and we’ll help you feel at ease about what we can offer in our office!