Panama City Woman Searching For Owner Of Lost Dentures

False teeth may seem like a fairly easy thing to keep track of — after all, you usually keep them in your mouth! That is not the case, however, for at least one Florida resident, presumably living in or near Panama City. Pac and Stac Storage Manager Gail Turner is searching for the owner of a partial set of dentures. Her nephew picked up a discarded camp chair, not realizing there were dentures tucked in one of its pockets. Turner hopes she will be able to return the false teeth before the owner is forced to pay to replace them, an August 27 article in The News Herald reports.

Lost Dentures Raise An Important Question; Are These Devices the Best Option?
Although misplacing dentures may seem careless, it is actually relatively common — especially at local events, like festivals and concerts. Patrons remove dentures to eat certain foods, or, in the event of a concert, even to sing. After wrapping their teeth in a napkin or a paper towel, they put them down. In all of the excitement, they forget exactly where they have placed them.

Not only is it possible to misplace dentures, most devices must be taken out for cleaning and sanitizing at night. Patients with the dental devices are generally required to give up sticky and tough foods, like taffy and corn on the cob, or take dentures out before enjoying them. Furthermore, dentures can be attached from metal hooks latching onto patients’ natural teeth, or sometimes they are stuck in place with a paste. Depending on how and when they are applied (and whether they are applied correctly), they may move, slip, or scrape against your gums and the roof of your mouth. There is a better way, according to local dentists.

Dental Implants A Welcome Reprieve After Denture-Related Woes
Some of the best cosmetic dentistry is also the most practical. General dentists reveal that three million U.S. men and women currently have dental implants — and that number is increasing by approximately 500,000 each and every year. The best dentists (or just 10%!) will offer dental implant procedures. Find dentist offices in your area that can fit you with dental implants by going online or calling for more information.

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