Preparing a Nervous Child For an Appointment

Part of raising a healthy child is preparing that child for a lifetime of healthy habits. One healthy habit is seeing a dentist on a regular basis. If your child is preschool or school-age before the first appointment, she might feel nervous about coming into the office. We have some tips for you to help her prepare for her appointment so that she can enjoy the experience and feel comfortable coming back!

Be Honest, but Gentle
When you are speaking with your child about the dentist, you should be completely honest, but gentle. Your child doesn’t need to be afraid of her appointment, and she will need reassurance from you. Even if going to the dentist makes you nervous, you need to be encouraging for your child’s sake.

Answer Questions
As you get closer and closer to the appointment, expect questions from your little one. You might need to ask for the questions at first, but they are sure to come. Answer every questions as well as you can, and encourage your child to remember questions to ask us. We love an inquisitive patient!

Be Encouraging in the Office
On the day of your child’s appointment, be sure to come back to the exam room with your little one. She will need to hear encouraging words from you while we work. Plus, you’ll want to see your child’s successful appointment for yourself!

Your child looks to you for an opinion. Help your little one feel comfortable at the dental office by providing an optimistic expectation before, during, and after the appointment. Contact us today for more ideas and to set up the appointment for your child. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!