Three Types Of Dental Implants That Are A Better Option Than Bridges And Dentures

Consider some of the downsides of bridges and traditional dentures. Simple things, like eating corn on the cob, are out of the question. (That is, of course, unless you want to remove dentures — which may or may not be questionably sanitary, especially if there’s only a napkin around.) False teeth may fall out or shift position. Plus, chances are you have some sticky paste or adhesive that you have to reapply at least once per day — generally in the morning. Say goodbye to all of that. Affordable dentists can help you get lasting and effective dental implants. What kinds of dental implants are there? Which ones are best for you?

All-On-Four Implants
There are approximately 5,847 cosmetic and general dentists in the U.S., with about 10% (and counting!) offering quick and affordable dental implant procedures. All-on-four implants are the best cosmetic surgery option for patients who need major dental work. Local dentists — the best dentists — will take measurements and ultimately place four implants into patients’ mouths to root a full set (top and bottom) of teeth. These may also be called implants for dentures.

There Is Such A Thing As A Single Tooth Implant
Three million Americans have dental implants — and that number increases by 500,000 each and every year. And, no, you don’t have to have be missing all of your teeth — or even several teeth — to qualify for the procedure. It is more than possible to get an implant for a single missing tooth. The new implant will look and feel just like your other teeth.

What About Multiple Dental Implants?
Finally, the last type of dental implant is for patients who fall somewhere in the middle. If you have healthy gums and healthy teeth surrounding a few missing ones, you are an optimal candidate for multiple dental implants.

Affordable dentists can help you replace dentures or replacing single missing teeth with dental implants that look natural, feel natural, and last just about a lifetime, with daily brushing and flossing.